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Donations We Can Accept

Accepted Items CheckmarkAccepted Items
Clothing in Season*: Children, Teens, Adult, Men and Women - ready for sale – clean, buttons on and zippers working: Tee shirts, Blouses, Camisoles, Shirts, Sweaters, Slacks, Jeans, Skirts, Dresses, Coats, Vests, Jackets, Slippers, shoes, Boots.
Accessories: Jewellery, Belts, Scarves, Ties, Sun Glasses, Purses, Brief Cases, Suit Cases.
Crafts: Complete Patterns: Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing; Knitting Needles, Crochet Hooks; Needlework, Yarns, Fabric, Needles and Thread.
Household Items in working condition: Blenders, Processors, Mixers, Irons, Cooking/Baking Utensils, Baking Pans, Pots, Dishes, Cutlery, Platters, Trays, Glasses.
Hardware: Tools, Electrical items, Small Plumbing items, Screws, Nails, Building items, Auto accessories.
Knick Knacks: Candle Holders, Figurines, Vases, Bric-a Brac, Lamps, Pictures, Mirrors.
Linens: Duvets and covers, Sheets, Pillow Cases, Bath and Hand Towels, Face Cloths, Tea Towels, Dish Cloths, Table Cloths, Place Mats, Table Napkins.
Books: Pocket and Hard Cover, Crossword and Puzzle Books, Music, Sheet Music.
Stationary: Cards, Albums, Files, Loose leafs, Office supplies, Crayons, Coloured pencils, etc.
Toys: Toys for all ages and kinds. ”Fun Stuff”. Washed stuffies/soft toys, Puzzles, Rolling Stock, Games.
Pet Supplies: Collars, Leashes, Bowls, Beds, Carrying Cases.
Garden Equipment: Planters, Pots, Tools, Sprinklers, etc.
Sporting Goods in Season*: Equipment/Clothing/Shoes: Volley Ball, Frisbee, Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Golf.
Miscellaneous: VHS Videos, CD's, Records, DVD's Computer Games.
Scrap: Copper, Brass, Silver, Bronze, Broken Jewellery.
*Seasonal Dates for Knick Knack Nook
Spring and Summer: April 1 - October 1
Fall and Winter: October 1 - April 1.

If you are unsure of an item you wish to donate please
don't hesitate to call to inquire if we are able to accept the piece.
Call: 604 947 NOOK